Best Practices When Designing Your Own Cannabis Website

If you are in the cannabis industry, you know that this is unlike other industries out there. While there are immense opportunities, you need to be careful in dealing with legal regulation. The market is ever-evolving hence you need to stay up breast to ensure that you are not left out of competition.

Furthermore, there is a long-held stigma regarding cannabis industry in the society and you have to bear its impact on business. So, when setting up your online marijuana dispensary, it is important that you make a solid start with a professional cannabis website which will be the face of your business.

Your website is the first point of interaction between you and your potential customers therefore you need to ensure that you create a really good impression. Here are the four best practices that you need to remember when designing a cannabis website:

  1. Get Your Own Domain

The most important thing is to create your own unique identity and for this purpose, you need to ensure that your website domain has your company name. This is not as easy as it sounds because you will find several tricky options available for similarly titled dispensaries. Spend some time researching and finding a domain name that includes your real business name. You may add ‘dispensary’ or ‘collective’ with the name, but make sure it stands out in the crowd so that people can easily find your online cannabis store when they search with your business name on Google.

  1. Stay Accountable

In this age of advanced technology, it is important to ensure that you abide by the age regulations set by the government. Be accountable by setting up an age-gate that asks the age of individuals before they even enter the website. This is specifically meant to keep cannabis away from underage children, so keep this feature in mind when designing a cannabis website.

The age-gate can be as simple as asking the visitor if their age is above 18 years, or you can make it slightly more complex by making the customers enter their date of birth and year. While the age-gates are not a fool proof solution to keep kids from accessing the website, it at least shows that you are concerned about abiding by the regulations.

  1. Choose The Right Font

While this may sound like an unimportant thing, it actually has the power to make or break a website. There are certain font styles that is unattractive to online visitors and they will leave your website without making any purchases. To ensure that your visitors stay in your website and like the look of it, make sure you choose the right font size. Keeping the fonts large may also be useful for patients with visual impairment seeking medical cannabis.

  1. Be Careful With Design

The design says it all and is actually the soul of your website. Keep in mind the shrouded past of cannabis and legal regulations, steer clear from the stereotype website designs that have long inundated the cannabis culture. Some of the things to avoid are convulsive graphics, bikini babes, bad word art or a design that’s overly uses the symbolic cannabis leaf.

You must also ensure that you avoid images or graphics that attract the attention of kids. So, make sure you avoid images of cartoons, toys, and cuddly creatures.

When choosing design and logo for your website, make sure you act responsibly to clear the misconceptions shrouding the industry. Cannabis is not about skimpily clad girls, bad-mouthing, or acting weird. Promote your cannabis website as a clean, secure and responsible platform where patients can purchase medical cannabis in a safe and professional environment.

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